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lasers in orthodontics

Lasers in Orthodontics

Today’s orthodontic patients are interested in more than just straight teeth.  They know that what makes a good smile become great is having ideal gingival contours (shape and size of the gums), well-proportioned teeth and facial balance.  Here at Dietrich & Hilliard Orthodontics we recognize the benefit of utilizing the newest technology to go above and beyond in achieving an incredible result for our patients. The diode laser is one tool that allows us to optimize and improve our patient’s smiles.  These lasers are comfortable, safe and very effective.  The procedure is done with a strong topical anesthetic, so there are no shots needed!

Orthodontic lasers have numerous applications that can benefit our patients:

  • Cosmetic shaping of gum tissue to give the teeth ideal proportions (proper width/height ratio)
  • Reducing swollen, overgrown gum tissue to improve oral hygiene and appearance
  • Expose(uncover) impacted teeth to decrease treatment time
  • Decreasing a "gummy smile" appearance

Both Dr. Dietrich and Dr. Hilliard have extensive training and experience in using diode lasers to benefit their patients.

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